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Honeycomb cyflect Heijastin/glowy velcrolla

Heijastava tarra

kiinnitetään velcrolla esim. valjaisiin tai pantaan. 

Cyalume's CyflectTM product line is a material that is photoluminescent and retroreflective. This means that it reflects light from its surface and glows in the dark. CyflectTM material is waterproof and holds reflective properties when wet. CyflectTM is the only product where 100% of surface area reflects or glows and is visible through fog & smoke. 

Cyflect is white, with a honeycomb structure and dual functionality in that they are visible when a source of light is projected at them (the band reflects light) and are also visible in the darkest of night because they reflect previously charged light.

Used on a range of clothing for safety, dog harness’s, military products.

Extensively used by the military worldwide


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