Jalen gives a 24 month warranty on the product's stitches (no embroidery), MIL-SPEC products and Biothane tape (12 months from the date of purchase) or a broken lock (1 month from the date of purchase) against a receipt.

Please note that the warranty does not cover:

  • Starmark ball and ball tape (grip / Biothane)
  • any discounted products.
  • breakage due to careless handling (eg dog bitten by a leash)
  • normal wear and tear of the product (materials wear out, become brittle and fade over time, and old products that are more than 12 months old are not replaced)
  • defects due to misuse of the product will not be rectified
  • When washing, discoloration on the fabric will not be replaced. Therefore, wash the product (s) with a suitably mild detergent, 40 degrees. When placed in the washing machine, the lock must be protected from damage.

Product liability

JALEN shall not be liable for negligent or incorrect use, defects due to normal wear and tear or use of the products in violation of the instructions for use, or indirect damage to humans or animals.

The products are made to order individually for you and your dog, for the stated purpose, according to the size and breed of the dog.

Note! The products are custom-made products and the customer is responsible for the measurement himself. A fault due to a measurement error will not be replaced and the product will not be replaced. So be careful when taking measurements and ask for help if needed.

If the product corresponds to the dimensions given in connection with the order and the product can be used in accordance with its intended use, it has been made correctly in accordance with the order. Changes can be made to the product after ordering (eg change the lock), but the customer is responsible for all postage and the price of the new part. Jalen does not charge for repair sutures if the product as such is not suitable for its intended use.

*> NOTE: All locks should be serviced regularly: antifreeze / lock oil / gun oil will prevent malfunctions. In addition, always monitor the condition of the equipment! <

Complaints and returns

All complaints must be made in writing by e-mail!  jalenk9gear@gmail.com

If you notice that, for any reason, the stitches have been opened during the warranty period, then the return of the defective product will be made at the customer's own expense to Jalen, Rusthollintie 13, 10620 Tammisaari.
Non-returnable products will not be refunded.

Warranty replacement / repaired products are new, similar / of the same type and will be returned to the customer at the expense of the manufacturer.

Complaints Assistant:


Consumer Protection Act

According to the Consumer Protection Act, a product made to order for a customer has no right of return, unless it is defective. Defective product has a normal 14-day return policy. (Consumer Protection Act Chapter 6, 16)

The customer is responsible for the suitability of the product he has ordered from the online store.

The customer is responsible if he orders an under / oversized product for his pet. It is always the owner's responsibility to use the products with a rowdy, pulling, leash-breaking and / or stray dog. The owner of the dog is always responsible for the damage caused by the dog to others, and the use of the products does not reduce this responsibility in the event of damage.