Measuring instructions

BUCKLE- AND COBRA COLLARS / Quick release collars

For buckle and quick release collars, measure your dog:
-neck circumference just behind the ears, No. 1 from the center of the neck (widest point of the neck), No 2.

The collar will thus "sit" on the dog in the middle of the neck (No. 2). Include these two measurements (Nos. 1 and 2) in your order.


For martingale collars, measure the dog:
-neck around the ears, no. 1. Take a tight measure with a soft tape measure. This measurement is the minimum dimension of the collar, in addition to which there is a tightening part.
Head circumference, No. 3.
-It is a good idea to have the head circumference (3) loose so that you can easily pass the head through the collar.
Include these two dimensions (Nos. 1 and 3) in your order.


For adjustable Y-harness, measure the dog:
-neck circumference at the weather, slightly below the collar, No. 4, so that the harness does not press on the dog's trachea or impede the movement of the shoulders.
-chest measure, no.5. So measure the interval between the numbers 4-6, ie under the trachea -> behind the front legs.
-chest circumference, no 6. Take a measurement about 5cm behind the front legs, at the widest point of the dog's chest.
-neck-to-back, no 7.
-head circumference, no.3. It is a good idea to have a loose measure so that you can easily pass the head through harness.

A good harness does not press on a dog's throat, shoulder or abdomen. All dimensions should be taken firmly, except for the circumference of the head.

Include these four dimensions (Nos. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 3) in your order.

I always make collars according to the dimensions of the dog's neck so you get a well-fitting collar. If you have taken measurements from an old collar then state it when ordering. Note that this measurement method is never as accurate as the measurement taken from the dog's neck. If your dog tends to pull his head through the collar, then the measurement should definitely be taken at least from the neck.

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