Many do not know me and do not know who is behind the JALEN logo, here comes couple facts about me and my products.

That's me Jaana Alen, behind JALEN-products, a Finnish-Swedish dog enthusiast from Tammisaari. My first German Shepherd was Eviloves Birra. I got Birra in 1992, and then I started agility and obedience with her. The following dogs came from the kennel SenSen Mann and came with an interest in shows and igp. I had SSM Yvette and Ed, next came SSM Åkay. Our hobbies included shows, obedience, lgp and forest trail. Later I also became interested in IPO training and Working German Shepherds.

That's where it started and I founded my company in April 2013.

I check all the locks, materials and metal rings before sewing them on the collar and webbing. All D- and O-rings are welded and I only use stainless steel. I use strong polypropylene and polyamide webbing for the leashes. I sew all double / triple and quadruple if there is a big strong breed, so the collar becomes really durable!

I use a high-quality industrial machine that can also sew thick leather.

It is important to me that my products work in the field, at work and in my free time,
that they are of course well sewn and also look good.

Jaana Alén

A lot of sporting and working dog people buy my products and I'm really accurate that the leashes and collars are durable! The products must be eye-catching and carefully made, but above all durable. As well as, of course, Finnish handmade!

When I started sewing products for dogs, I was a member of SPL-Länsi-Uusimaa and I was very active with my dogs there. During the training I got to get acquainted with various dog products that the enthusiasts used in obedience, tracking and protection work. I listened to their suggestions for improvement and development to make the gear even more sustainable and practical.

I searched the web for good materials and sewed leashes for group testing. I also designed an elastic leash that we tested with the helpers. He accepted it and today I sell a lot of leashes to subdivisions and working dog enthusiasts.