JALEN products are Finnish handicrafts - high quality and durable.
JALEN products are also manufactured for professional use:
for example, the Finnish Defense Forces, the Border Guard and the police use JALEN pro products.

The products are made individually for you and your dog.

We help you find the right equipment for you, feel free to contact us by email at jalenk9gear@gmail.com


I make custom-made collars, harnesses and leashes for dogs of all sizes and types for basic everyday use. From me, you can individually order safe, durable, but everyday products that are just right for your dog.

Whether it's soft and light collars, or a firmer harness to better control your dog, don't hesitate to contact us



I make custom-made products for dog sports. My products are seen a lot in dog sports such as IPO, field trials and obedience.


All service dog equipment is made of highly durable MIL-SPEC polyamide webbing with a tensile strength of over 900kg.

The buckles are genuine AustriAlpin cobra and for leashes I use very strong and high quality Kong locks.

Tested by dog enthusiasts and service dogs

Jalen's custom-made products for dog sports, work and service dogs are resistant to professional wear and tear.
All products are sewn with an industrial machine and a strong wear-resistant thread.
The products are hand-made in Ekenäs (Tammisaari).
The products are of very high quality and are made of genuine and original materials according to the breed and size.
I have a long experience in the dog sports, so i know how different materials behave.
If you need help, I will be happy to help and give advice.


Jalen gives a 12 month warranty on the stitches of the product (12 months from the date of purchase) or within a short time for a broken lock (1 month from the date of purchase) against a receipt.

Please note that the warranty does not cover:
-No discounted products.
-Breaks caused by careless handling (eg the dog bites the leash).
-Normal wear of the product (materials wear, become brittle and fade over time, and old products that are more than 12 months old will not be replaced)
-Defects due to misuse of the product will not be repaired.
-Starmark ball and ball's webbing (grip / Biothane).
-When washing, color defects on the fabric are not compensated.

Therefore, wash the product(s) with a suitably mild detergent, 40 degrees. When placed in the washing machine, the lock must be protected from damage.

All complaints must be made in writing by e-mail! jalenk9gear@gmail.com